KBS Content Tweet

(V: 1.0)
$10.00 USD

KBS Content Tweet is a Joomla plug-in that allows users to Tweet about content articles. The Tweet button can simply be placed before or after the content.  This simple plug-in is easy to install and configure. One of the features is the use of the Bitly URL shortening service; therefore, the user has the ability to write more text in their Tweet about an article posted on a Joomla site.  The shortened URLs are cached reducing the overall Bitly service calls.

The plug-in parameters allow other settings, such as preformatted text used in the Tweet, thereby allowing an article name to be inserted into the Tweet.  One can also set a suggested follower in the Tweet as well as related followers after the Tweet.

For more information, see Tweet Button or its developer documentation on Twitter.

The default language can be set either to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian or Turkish.

See the Demo here.